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Global-FX collect personal information's of inquiring companies and individuals.

1. Collected personal information lists : (Required) Name, Cell Phone, Country, Email, etc.

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information : confirmation of the identity of the customer and secure communication path

3. Period of use for personal information : After all reviews are completed, it will be kept for one month’s inquiry by the user, and the information will be deleted without any delay. All other maters are subjected to each individuals' privacy policy

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Risk WarningInvesting

financial instruments (FX margin, ETF, CFD, etc.) carry a high level of risk for loss.
It requires investment experiences and deep pockets so before deciding on trading an overseas derivatives transaction,
you should consider your investment situation and your level of experience on these products. Also, you should be aware of the informed risk matters when making a contract opening for a transaction account.