Client Infomation Policy

Global Partner HK Ltd

Record storage policy and procedure

This procedure is accordance to Global Partner HK ltd. record storage policy

Global Partner HK Ltd. will provide the following services

  1. Efficient Management Services

< >Effective ServicesThe Best PracticeServices accordance on demandServices accordance on ClientsCustomer Centred (i.e. Listening to Complaints and Comments)Measures taken for group regulations

To provide the above services, we will comply with all regulations and actions.
We will record and store all clients’ opinions accordance to the procedures below.Responsibilities and allocation of storing legal recordsRecords will be publicly stored in a company folder or online accordance to all related legislation and business requirements.Records within the company folder or online space will be recorded as a document and will be managed and backed up daily.The administrator will guarantee the below issue.The obligation and specific role of storing clients information in relation to specific laws and regulationsGeneration of records and Capture.Awareness of actions in relation to the obligations and responsibility of storing records.Supervision of Client’s feedback, complaints, statements and handling them before additional issues arise.Acknowledge that we can store information for activity related risks and evidence.Record OrganizationClient’s electronic files will be ordered accordingly within the company’s public folder.Client documents will be categorized as below:Identification (Domestic ID card, Passport, Driver License) and POA (Proof of address, bank statement, utility bill)Valid source of funds statement: Bank systemInformation obtained by email, online chart, and phone call will be recorded as KYC records which is necessary to record with in the companies CRM system.Documents which were required for AML/CFT regulations such as payment receipts, source of funds etc. Review

At the end of every month, we will inspect will documents and will check to see whether they correspond with the applicant.




Risk WarningInvesting

financial instruments (FX margin, ETF, CFD, etc.) carry a high level of risk for loss.
It requires investment experiences and deep pockets so before deciding on trading an overseas derivatives transaction,
you should consider your investment situation and your level of experience on these products. Also, you should be aware of the informed risk matters when making a contract opening for a transaction account.